Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monet's tribute 10

Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas $300. This is another painting from the “Monet’s tribut” series… This piece is a bit larger than my other pieces in the series. I also used a different palette. I like it, it has a bit of gold mixed into the paint which gives it a special glow. This was painted with the new Golden Acrylics which look and work very much like oils. These new Open acrylics are great and if your considering trying them I encourage you to do so. The process is very much the same as regular acrylics but there is a special medium which extends the already long drying time. Also there is a thinner which you can use to actually remove the paint from the canvas. The real key is to never use water. Water only makes these acrylic paintings look dull. The mediums makes them glow.

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Arco Scheepen said...

Super painting!