Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Koi Painting in Oil

I've been painting Koi in watercolor for a long time and this year I decided to paint some Koi paintings in Oil. This painting is pretty big and took a long time to paint. Mostly because my studio is rather small and its actually set up for watercolor. This painting was so big and each time I chose to work on it I had to pull out all the oil painting supplies and put everything away after each session.
For me this is a pain...
My watercolor supplies are set out ready to go.

I will always love my Watercolor paintings, but after painting 7 or 8 paintings of Koi in oil I'm getting a better feel for the medium. I have plans to paint more Koi but I'm also very busy doing a lot of research on my next series which will be Geisha. I'll paint them in both oil and watercolor and maybe even in mixed media. I hope you'll be around to see some of those paintings.

I haven't figured out the name for this piece yet, so if you have any ideas let me know...

Some names that have been suggested to me by others are ( try not to laugh some are funny)

Carp Ahoy
Colony Koi
Carp deluxe
Fantastic fantasy
Koi menagerie ( I've used this already for another painting)
Wrecking Crew
Creme of Koi
Colored Carp
Fabulous Koi
China Koi
under the H2o

This is the painting as it sits in my studio... The size is 44 by 44 inches

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Leigh Ann's Koi

This is a start to a new Koi painting I did today as a demo for an Art student. This is the first stage to the wet into wet technique I use to paint these Koi.

I will ultimately use a variety of techniques such as direct painting, glazing, negative painting, splattering and scrubbing or lifting out. The final painting will take at least one more session to complete. check back with me for the updates.

12 by 11 inches watercolor on 300 lb paper.