Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vibrant Red Flowers

red flowers2

This painting is another in a series of red paintings I have been doing of late. I don’t usually paint with red very much but it seems I can’t stop painting red subject matter. Also if your tired of the flowers, I can’t tell you why I have painted so many lately. Usually I paint a variety of subjects. Maybe there is a color therapist out there that can tell me if the red means anything.
This red is actually combinations of yellow, orange, red ,magenta, and green. Not all at once but in glazes…. colors built up so that some of the last color shines thru. When one layer dries, you paint another so that you get a glow. Building up the layers this way makes the color look like stained glass. The darkest dark is the magenta and green mixed together on the pallette.
The actual size of the painting is 8 by 12.
This piece would look great with a large white mat. $200.00

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