Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Work in progress ...Doitsu Showa Koi

This is a work in progress... I posted it both ways to see which I like, I painted it as a horizontal piece. This are my fantasy colors, it seems I bring them out to use whenever I want the painting to be whimsical and fun. This may not stay this way as you know if you read my blog these paintings start out one way and eventually evolve into something else.
If you haven't been reading this blog you may not know it but I've painted over a hundred Koi paintings.
I like color so I use exaggerated color and I like to make my painting slightly edgy by using combinations that are personal to me. Like so many other artists I love color, but I do believe Value is the most important element of art and always pay very close atention to the values so don't get me worng , even though I love color, I do not pick color over value.

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