Wednesday, October 01, 2008

California Hills

8 by 10 ” Acrylic on Ampersand. $50.00 This little painting was something I painted from my imagination because at times I miss the foothills which surrounds the San Joaquin valley where I grew up. My favorite landscape is a flat farm like valley surrounded by rolling hills and back a bit further, tall mountains. This painting doesn’t have the tall mountains but the rolling hills are very beautiful just the same. The hills just seemed to jut out of the valley floor as if pushed up by magic. I lived in a place called Centersville for several years and it looked very much like this. Outside my living room window I would see foothills and often beautiful horses or cows grazing on the flat valley ground which would be covered in green grass and wild flowers. Across the street I could see acres and acres of orange and avocado trees. The sun filtering thru wind swept clouds shining down on the crops growing in rows which followed the contours of the land. It looked like a painting waiting to be painted.

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