Friday, December 07, 2007

Buy Prints of my work at discounted prices!

I have been selling most of my Koi and if you look thru the archives and find one you like this web site will make of print of my art at a reasonable price. The’ll even mat it and frame it for you. I ordered one myself before allowing them to used my copyrighted material and the images are pretty good. I took one small 5 by 7 print to my open studio this week all of the artist there agreed the quality was very good, and two artists thought they were originals. They send me a small fee for each painting. I feel pretty good about this arrangement since I don’t have to purchase a large volumn of prints I may never sell. If you go to their website and the painting you want is not there you just write me and I’ll sent the image to them. Since I have hundreds of images, I had to pick about thirty for the gallery.

Buy my art at Imagekind!

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