Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow and Ice

snow and Ice

I try to post everyday by 7 p m and the only way I did it today was to paint a small painting. This is a 4 by 6 inch painting and is the special of the week. $20.00 plus 5.50 postage. go to on Thursday and you can buy it with a credit card or paypal. you'll have to contact me by email if you want to send a check,

Tomorrow is Art's ( my husband) birthday and he is going to the Dr.. to try and get a release to go back to work. The Dr.s want him to take a few more months but he wants to go back. I think at work they will let him ease his way back into his duties. Its been seven months and he has been weaning himself from his meds and by Feb 4th we're hoping he will be pain free. I will miss him, but I will also be glad to have our old life back.

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