Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter Snow flakes

Winter Snow flakes

This is a very light snow scene. 9 by 11 on watercolor paper $50.0

I used salt ( sea salt) for the flakes.

You'll find in the last year in a half that I 've been painting and posting daily and I 've seldom used salt. It isn't that I have anything against salt, but I just seldom use it. I usually just use water if I want the look of salt. Today I was asked about salt and how it works with watercolor so I thought I would explain it.

The salt technique is all about timing.

I lay down a light wash of blue gray color for the sky... then... I put in the green/brown trees wet into wet right into the blue sky so that it will give the appearance that the trees are off in the distance and that they are a little blurry. Before the paper as lost its shine I sprinkle in the salt. You have to just put a pinch of salt other wise you will end up with a blizzard. At first it looks like it isn't working, be patient after the background dries you will see where the salt soaked up the color leaving the white of the paper and because it is a natural substance it has a natural sharp. It will look like falling snow.

Paint the foreground after the background has dried and add a little warm color somewhere to help the painting be more inviting and not so cold. Dust off the salt and Your done!

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