Saturday, June 21, 2008

A day like no other lll

11 by 15 watercolor on paper

I have painted this painting three times and I'm not sure why. Its kinda like having the same dream over and over, perhaps you can't contol that but painting the same painting over and over is very much the same feeling. This is one oif those painting from my imagination. I love the color combinatins and you may find I used them on a regular basis in my landscapes, especially purple with green.


Martha Keim-St. Louis said...

This is a new look for you, Shant. I love the colors.

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Shanti Marie said...

Actually this is more of the way I used to paint. Sometimes I go back to this style. My mentor was Zoltan Szabo and this is more of the style learned form him. Since his death, I been searching... so you see lots of other things regualry because I use the daily paintings as a means to allow myself the freedom to do anything.

Some work some less so.

Thanks for your comments