Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Big Red SOLD

four inches by four inches watercolor on clayboard.

The weather seems strange to me right now.... 25 degrees at night and almost 70 during the day. I have to change clothes at about 11 am each day. My allergies are acting up and I'm pretty sure its the Bradford pears, every year when they bloom I get the headache from you know where. The flowers are starting to bloom and I always enjoy being outside during the spring afternoons it reminds me of California with he mild temperatures.

I drove by the nursery looking at the flowers as I rolled by ever so slowly in my car knowing its still too cold to think about planting. The promise of spring was right there in all that lavish color and its hard to wait.
First things first, I need to clean out some more closets and also my back porch. During the winter months I let the back deck go and its a bit of a mess, all the flowers pots are stacked up against the fence dog toys laying wet and moldy on the ground and a pile of leaves I never picked up. The dogs have turned the deck into their private wwf wrestling area. They go out there and sit or lay in the sun waiting for a chance to go out beyond the fence gate and sniff the smells of a spring or just maybe they just want to check their pee mail.

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