Monday, March 10, 2008

Curious Koi

This little gem is so wonderful in its use of color that I would be shocked if no one wanted it. I may even keep it for myself!

People ask me all the time how I come up with my ideas for paintings. Most are just a subject I want to explore.... Usually when I start all I have is the thing, like a flower, or a barn, then I choose colors intuitively and the rest is pure magic.

Of course, I can actually paint the way I was trained, that is... take photo fist or set up plien aire... 1. value sketch, followed by 2. selection of a color palette which must be chosen to convey a mood, feeling or season. Then you paint it from your value study. This usually makes for a successful painting but I have trouble staying focused on something so disciplined and will usually stray away from the original idea once I start. Sometimes I'll add things or go to a color not on the original palette. It tough for me not to respond to the image as it appears.

Regarding this painting... About a Year ago I dreamed of painting a Koi coming out of the water to look at some fuchsias. Ever since that time I have thought of how to paint it. I have painted countless masterpieces in my own mind, painting this painting over and over, so today this little gem is only the start, I will paint it a few more times in various styles and ways. But will any of these paintings ever be as great as the one I dreamed about, probably not. But, I can keep trying. Please... keep coming back and check on my progress.

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