Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fast moving Koi


I 've been getting our pool ready by getting the gate repaired, painting the fence and ordering new signs. Any day now people will be calling me, saying they want to lay out. Unfortunately the water looks like pond water.

It isn’t too inviting to look at and it will stay like that till I'm sure it won't freeze again. Without heat the pipe could freeze and cause lots of damage. Now if it were a Koi pond, I’d be right out there. I don’t lay out any more just because it seems my skin only wants to freckle ….Hey are those age spots? Ya think? Man, a girl can’t get a break.
I’ve been studying sail boats because I want to paint a schooner, if you have any good photos, let me know… I was down at the Marina today ( in Tega Cay) but of course all the sailboats are more like Dingys.

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