Thursday, October 11, 2007

ACEO "Fall path" a painting a day

This 2.5 by 3.5 is an artist collector’s card. its watercolor on paper and will sell for $13.00 plus 1.0 s& H
I’m reading a lot these days as I seem to be sitting around Dr.’s waiting rooms. I’m like a kid who has to stay inside, I look out the windows hoping for a glace of inspiration. A soft green grassy hill or maybe a beautiful fall tree. Nope, none of those things, just parking lots and cars, sick people and more sick people. Bad health can consume a person or even a person’s family. The appointments, errands and the prescriptions who knew… not me, I’ve always been pretty healthy. If your healthy, enjoy it, it could be taken away in a minute. My husband is getting better, it just takes a long time to heal from such a serious trauma as a motorcycle accident. He has stopped using the oxygen most of the day and only occasionally reaches for it. He even took out the trash last night. It was to me a milestone in his recovery.

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