Friday, October 12, 2007

a painting a day, lesson in abstract expressionism

This is mixed media (11″ by 11″) on illustration board. $50.00

I guess this piece would fall into the category of abstract expressionism. Its more about how I felt at the time I created the piece then what the piece actually looks like. I started out with a collage of handmade papers I made, then I used some gesso and allowed it to dry, then I painted a full watercolor over this entire piece, then used acrylics to paint over some of the areas. It has texture and some really wonderful passages. Its difficult to photograph because it has a semi gloss fixative which reflects back light into the camera lens.

1 comment:

Ludolf Grolle said...

This is an absolutely superb piece - in my humble opinion.
Would like to see more of your work.
Sincerely "L"