Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Two Cherries ACEO

two cherries1
This aceo is still wet has has some shine reflecting back on it. 2.5 by 3.5 its an artist trading card. I like the color red and like to paint red things. Since I'm pretty busy these days, I have been painting some aceos (artist trading cards) each week to at least keep my hands on the brushes each day.

Regarding my husband Update:
My husband went to a pain specialist yesterday and they are starting to cut back his doasage of morphine and vicodine to one tab of each every eight hours. He still slept for most of the day, but he was able to get up for about an hour in a half and seemed reasonably happy. The seeping from his chest tube has stopped and we are hoping that is a good sign. His swollen legs also seem to be a bit better. He drove the car to the trash bin without getting in a wreck. which is a good thing... its good to see him trying to be normal. He has lost about 39 pounds since the accident on july 14th. I had to buy him some new jeans for fear his pants would drop to his feet while walking into the Dr's office. Its happened a few times here at home.

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