Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lake Wylie in Fall

This is Sentenels 12 by 15 watercolor on paper.

Boy… I woke up tired. I’m sure you know the feeling more asleep than awake. With three dogs, I have to walk them…. so there isn’t many days to sleep in. My friend Karen from across the street brings her two dogs over and we load up the five dogs into my Toyota Matrix and off we go to Mc Dowel nature preserve. Its about a mile from my condo. We let the dogs off leash and walk thru the woods. Usually for an hour from about 7 am till 8 am. I have been in a rush all week and maybe that’s why I’m so tire. I always hope this walk will be enough to give me time to do everything I need to do before they have go out again. But it seems since I’m so tired I’ll only get about half of what I need to do. I really couldn’t get charged up, even after we got coffee at Mc Donald’s I could barely stay awake. I sat at my dining room table feeling like a slug.
I’ll put up my landscape so you can see what I’m working on. I need to make some changes in the background the hills need to be a different shade so they don’t look like the water.
I am not as happy with my landscape as I could be, It was looking pretty good but then I tweaked this and tweaked that and now I feel like it isn’t as fresh as it could have been without the changes. I had a friend over and she kept talking about politics and I’m blaming the topic of conversation on any problems. Its difficult for an artist not to be influenced by whatever is going on in the room while painting and that’s why I never have the news on or anything that may makes me upset.

I put up a couple of pictures for you of my walks.
I thought you might like to see some of the morning colors here at the Lake.

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