Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The New Plane

Last week when Art started to feel better he decided he needed something he could do sitting down but also keep his mind active. Lately he has been sleeping away so many days. I’m sure some folks who have pain want to sleep away the pain until another time when they wake up and they’ll be healed. Sleeping is good but too much sleep can be a bad thing. Art sleeps for various reasons. Sometimes its depression, sometimes its the pain medication and sometimes to escape the pain. I know most of you will understand why a perfectly fit adult would have problems being ill, its difficult for anyone to be relying on others. Its been four months since his motorcycle accident and we had hoped by this time he would be more active and more pain free. Of course the reality is that he is still on morphine and vicadine and must sleep upright in a chair. Each person who deals with pain must come up with their own coping device. We thought about all of his hobbies and wanted to come up with a plan for a possible rehab project. Kayaking was definitely out. Mountain biking was also not even considered. Next, we thought about his shooting hobbies and a friend came by to take him trap shooting but of course he just spent the day watching, his broken shoulder is still too tender to shoot a shotgun. He decided building a remote control air plane would be a good activity. He could set up a work table and take a nap whenever he felt he needed it. Its been a week and now & the plane is finished and I really think building it helped him have his best week since he accident.
Just so you know, Art has build a number of these planes ( in the past), I don’t think you can build a plane in a few days if you’ve never attempted it before. I told him I was so proud of his progress, I would post his airplane. He is pretty happy with it. which means we are all doing better because of this project. If you have any questions, email me and I’ll be glad to ask him.

Here is his photo of the finished product and he took it out today for its maiden flight. It was a bit too windy so he was only able to fly it enough to see that everything was OK. tomorrow if their isn’t so much wind he will take it to the air field again. Art’s friend is a pilot and they both build these small planes as a fun hobby. I’m so glad he has so many interests because it has really help get him up and out of the bed.

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