Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ancient Ritual #12 ACEO

This is the front of the card
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This is the back, I will sign and date it for you at purchase.
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Some folks have asked me when this series might be finished or how do I know when a series is finished. All I can say is when I don't paint another. I used to say I was almost finished with my Koi series and suddenly I would just paint another from no preconceived desire or plan. This is an intuitive process, you have to follow where it leads.

I was watching a show on TV the other night about these two Brits who are living in the wilds with these native people and they are watching the native create the craving on the front of a shield which he also plans to paint. They pick up a piece of charcoal and asks him why he doesn't draw out the pattern and just carve out along the lines. I was taken back by his look and what he said next. First off.. He looked like they had just said something pretty stupid... He then said he needed to be able to respond to the design as it came to him. The shield would tell him what direction to go. This is in fact the way I paint these paintings.

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