Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wamrn Days ACEO

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I painted this card last night after a sweltering day of heat and humidity. I guess I’m affected by everything that touches me. Its was stormy and hot which is a condition I’m really-not used too. Growing up in Ca we didn’t have humidity and it seldom ever rained. South Carolina is a bit different. Its gets more humid as the day goes on and then if your lucky, it rains. sometimes this brings relief and other times It just makes everything wet.

This little card is for sale for $10.00 plus $1.50 . It comes in a plastic sleeve, It is signed and dated.

I dreamed of a painting last night. When I say this type of thing, people say… you were painting? or, a painting hanging on a wall somewhere?
Well all I can say is…It takes up my complete field of vision in the dream. so I guess you would say either I’m standing right under it or its huge. I see it just as if I were studying a painting in a gallery or museum. It was a painting with the words NO weaved thu the piece, in all different languages with symbols and such also indicating the negative. It was mostly green…. all shades of green, some muted others soft and still others seemed mixed with other dark colors, yet it seemed lively. In my dream I remember thinking, if you were saying no, you would use red rather than green…using green-seemed odd to me. It seems the opposite of NO since you think of Green as being the colors of street lights which say GO. Anyway at the bottom was this beautiful color of Sepia mixed with the green to make a wonderful color of moss or wet algae on rocks. The dry brush reminded me of the complete freedom of movement. If anyone is a dream interpreter, maybe they could write me an email....

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