Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Big Wave

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I'm still pretty sick and don't have a lot of ambition to paint...
since I painted beach scenes the last two days I painted this little 4 by 6 of a Big Wave. One of the good things about being a daily painter, you can paint certain subject matter relying mostly on the intellect rather then the intuitive. Believe me this can get you out of a jam. Most people think you can paint when your ill...thats its isn't a difficult thing for us artists, but you don't realize the amount of brain power it takes... if you do, you don't push it. You paint what you know.
4 by 6 inches $ 30.00 watercolor on paper,

1 comment:

Martha Keim-St. Louis said...

Shant, I love Big Wave and Morning Flight. They are so light and loose. I don't know why it is, but Father's day at the Beach seems much tighter. Maybe you were forcing yourself. Are you better? Do they know what it is?