Wednesday, August 06, 2008

725th post... Beautiful Earth 07 by Shanti Marie

Watercolor on Gessoed masonite.... 8 by 10 $75.00
There is a bit of glare on this photo but I'll try to re-post in the morning because the photos are much better without a flash.
If you've ever looked at the moon hanging over the lake on a warm summer evening, you'll know that the colors are muted yet beautiful. You would think it would be quiet but the air is filled with the sounds of cicadas and tree frogs. Its very beautiful and yet very mysterious.
When I was in Camerton I noticed some of the waterways there were choked full of water weed, like blanket weed and Hydrilla, and that made me think of all the folks who unknowingly place plants in the lakes or ponds thinking it will be good for the lake. Its never a good idea to introduce a plant ( or even an animal ) to an area if it isn't native. These plants mess up the delicate balance and many times take over an entire eco system, disrupting the balance of plants and even animals. Usually changing that area for lifetimes to come. Often that area will never be able to return to its natural state.
When your tired of that cute little turtle or fish... don't release it into the waterways, even well meaning folks release alligators, fish or plants into marshes or waterways, thinking it won't hurt. They even think the unwanted pet is getting a great gift of freedom. These Alligators could grow very large in a lake without predators, easily dining on waterfowl and worse, small pets!

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