Friday, August 15, 2008

Surf and Sky

Watercolor on canvas panel 8 by 10 75.00

It seemed like a beach sort of day today and I thought I would paint some surf. I love all the colors you can see in water and especially water that's moving. I have always thought the color of water was pretty much the same everywhere you go but now I know this isn't true. The water on the east coast is much more green then the water on the west coast, and of course the water in the gulf of Mexico is much more Turquoise, Sure, the time of day and the season also makes a difference so an artist can never really capture all the subtleties in the colors of the sky and Ocean.

You could be painting a beach painting everyday for a year and never really paint everything you see.

Its funny because this painting makes me want to paint a waterfall, so check back ...maybe I'll paint a waterfall tomorrow.

Hey! Are you even trying to save water? How about this, buy a rain barrel. You can water your yard in between rains. If you don't want to spend the money for a rain barrel, put out a bucket or two, you can always water the plants on your porch.... every little bit helps.

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