Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lavender Skies

This little 3 by 5 card is $15.00 and is a bit out of focus... I'm sorry for the bad photo I'm a bit tired its a Watercolor on Paper.

I was pretty busy running around today and getting a new Refrigerator for our Condo's pool house. Whew! It's in and ready to go for labor day. Of course we will be bar- B-queuing and I thought it was needed to keep all the food cool since its been about 90 degrees. Our old refrigerator wasn't cooling the food and was running 24/7, so it had to go.
We had to take off the gate at the pool house because it was too big! AGHHH... as things would go, everything kinda went wrong, they were moving it and dropped it! It was a comedy of errors. When they dropped it I thought someone got hurt since the guy holding it on the hand truck tripped. He went flying off one way and the fridge went another. Oh well it now has a bump on one side. No worries, its going to be sitting outside all winter, in fact its best if it isn't too nice. Then when we opened it (it was used) it had old moldy food in it... Uggh!! So it took another two hours to clean it up. I'm glad that's over.

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