Monday, August 04, 2008

Beautiful Earth 05

Today I went to Cramerton ( about 9 miles from my home) with 25 or so local artists and we painted standing in the grass along a winding river. The scene was a small bend in the river with ducks and submerged logs. Really very nice, but of course It was about 96 degrees and that was at 5:30 pm... It didn't take long for the sun to start to set and the temp to drop, good thing too cause I was melting. Painting plein aire is always a little tricky and today wasn't an exception. The warm air kept drying out my paper so the first plan to have a nice wet into wet water scene kinda died as the paper was drying faster than I could paint. Then again the oil painters had lots of bugs in their paint so I can't complain...On to plan B and I decided to do some exaggerated color and see how that would look.

Here is my buddy Marth who was painting to my right and Martha's boys who were very happy to have found a fishing line with a hook and a worm all ready to go.

Some of the other artists

Photobucket my painting

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