Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beautiful Earth 06

4 inches by 4 inches, watercolor on ampersand ( aquaboard) $45.00
This painting is similar to my tribute to Monet series I did last month and I’m sure I haven’t finished this series as it’s one of my favorite to paint. Also: it fits the theme for the month of August… Water.
It difficult to emphasize the importance of water and more specifically clean water. If we could all do our part by being more aware of how many things we deal with on a regular basis that can seriously damage the fragile Eco systems in and around our water ways. Most of the time it all comes down to the correct disposal of all types of household cleaners and often used chemicals. Fluids like motor oil, anti freeze or household paint really should not go down the gutter or drain, yet I see folks do this everyday. Paint thinners, varnishes, and fuels are often thrown onto the ground rather than sent to special recycle centers . People over spray insecticides in and around their home not thinking about how these chemicals hurt lizards, frogs or small mammals. I watch folks spraying insecticides all around bird feeders and bird baths not thinking they are actually hurting the birds they are attracting and these insecticides eventually end up into the ground water. Take an extra moment next time you have to use any of these items to please be aware of how they are used and where they may end up. Of course last but not least… make sure to dispose of them properly.

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